• Web
    Whether you need a small page to give you a web presence or need a complicated database-driven ecommerce site, we can help you realise this goal. We have expertise creating public facing websites and intranet portals on many of the major platforms and languages.
    ASP JSP C#.Net PHP HTML5 WordPress MVC Frameworks jQuery Moo
  • Desktop
    Don't like web apps or portals, we can create user interfaces in a variety of languages to suit different platforms.
    Java Swing C# WPF WinForm TCL/TK
  • Mobile
    Native iOS apps or web framework based apps to leverage a single code based to multiple mobile platforms.
    iOS WebApps Sencha Touch PhoneGap
  • Server
    Experience creating backend processes communicating with SQL databases. Experience designing and creating SQL databases. NOSQL databases like MongoDB and Azure TS have their place and if they fit the requirements then happy to use them.
    Java EE C# MS SQL Server Oracle MySQL
  • Social Media
    Integrate your favourite social media site into your website.
    Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google+ Meetup Flickr ...
  • Banking
    Experience in asset management, hedge fund and investment banking front to back office credit and equity derivatives.
    Calypso Bloomberg IRESS Markit Galapagos Visokio CDS index tranche option Warrants Equity option
  • Information Systems
    Pull your data sources together under a single intranet portal.
    ASP JSP .Net
  • Everything Else!
    This web page gives a taster for what we can do, if there is something you need creating or think that there must be a way to improve a process then run it by us and let us see if we can help you.
Let us help find and create your software solution!
Faulconbridge Software has broad expertise creating desktop, web, mobile and the associated database and server-side technologies in a variety of sectors such as banking and social media - it is very likely we can help you find and create the right solution to your software requirements.
Click to read an overview of some of the things we have done
Recreational Web Solution for Attendance Keeping
Bold and Beautiful, Manly, Australia regularly have 50 to 150 swimmers each day and the organiser needed a more streamlined approach to keeping track of attendance. Solution provided was a C# .Net solution using image manipulation and OCR and OMR (Mark) libraries to semi-automate the daily upload process and automate the presentation of attendance.
Photography E-Commerce Solution
Gallerie Fotografie Highly customised WordPress site using e-commerce store and photo gallery plugins.
Banking Desktop WPF Solution
This client needed to extract tabular data from Bloomberg to use within in-house models however none of the BBG APIs provided an automated route to this data so a desktop application was created to allow traders to simply copy and paste the data. This data was automatically parsed, stored and made available via webservices to several analytical suites written in Excel, .Net and Java.
Banking Front to Back Office, Server-Side to Client Solution
Installation, configuration and customisation of Calypso and other financial systems. Integration to large number of financial system vendors such as Markit and Bloomberg. Creation of .Net intranet site with .Net and Java webservices linked to multiple back end databases.
Banking Desktop Solution
Semi automating and combining Reuters, IRESS and in-house financial models. Multi data source selection for display on grid combined with complex cell renderer and event listeners to achieve desired Excel-like functionality (without actually being in Excel of course!).
Biotech Solution
DotPlot algorithm implementation and visualisation tool for research laboratory. Multi input options for batch comparison and written using Java to enable Mac and Windows users alike to benefit from the tool.
Retro Website
Fun website for retro iPhone application. No challenges, just something different!
Biotech Website and Cross Platform Desktop Apps
Website design and creation for biotech company including fun 3D applet game. Several desktop GUI applications created using Java Swing linked to backend engines with CORBA.
Information Technology Intranet Solutions
One of many customised intranet portals for blue chip companies and government agencies with lots of integration to third party software for user directories and data repositories on a variety of platforms.
Social Media
Created swimming based social media website, integratation with Google Maps, Facebook and other plugins to give rich user experience. Lots of goodies such as an HTML5+Javascript 'bubbly' visual exploration tool.
iPhone Game
Retro arcade gaming application for iPhone written in Objective C using Cocos2D game library. Many small challenges including keeping performance acceptable for first generation iPhones.
iPhone Application
Numerology iPhone application using Sencha Touch MVC framework and PhoneGap. Almost launched! Leveraging Sencha Touch and PhoneGap the application can be written once but deployed onto multiple mobile platforms.
Banking Desktop Solution
Visualisation of financial market data fit to in-house models with .Net WPF application. Launched from within Excel passing through Excel data and combined with other data sources and models to produce final curves.